Collections- Shopping lists and Penny Club.

I cannot properly read what this list says, it might have helped if I had, had my glasses on whilst I photographed it, so I am guessing it is blurred. I think I can see coke, smooth orange juice and carrots. 

Skulk? Does this mean skulk around the aisles whilst surveying the savoy cabb and flaked ham hock? I have never had flaked ham hock or savoy cabb or rosti for that matter. I feel I am missing out on big bits of food life.

This is Beryl my new baby rubber plant. She lives on the windowsill in a lucky 2p arcade cup. She is shiny and will one day she grow me a bouncy ball.

£64. If I wish hard enough maybe it will turn into £64.

Penny club count up from January to February - £2.17. The 50p being a milestone in penny finding.