Ten Minute Daytrips- The News Offices - Hilsea.

When Dan showed me an image of a mosaic on a building that spelt out news in tiny tiles, I rubbed my eyes and drank my tea quick. Anything mural- or rather Muriel, frieze, mosaic, sculpture based I am there with my glasses cleaned special.

Turning the corner to visit, I gasped at the beauty and I feel that this mini trip was the best ten minutes of small Muriel visiting I had ever seen, except for the last Muriel I saw on a ten minute day trip for ten minutes the other week. Constant best ten minutes's.


Golden tile beauty. I want this to be transported to my house and put onto the roof.

These would look nice in my garden like monoliths to news and data, maybe I could grow a nice climber up them.

Excellent tiles.

Secret passage into data. There was a restrictive gate that was locked so we couldn't climb over and a lonely 2p was sat out of reach. I won't ever forget this 2p or the news portal opening that contained carrier bags and jumpers.

I know it is probably a very peculiar thing to stop off and visit but I think it is beautiful and there is a bit more about it here- https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_News_(Portsmouth)