Day Trips-Worthing.

I saw a film once about Worthing from the 1950's and there was a flower festival on and a lady was brushing her path. I did not find the festival or the lady or indeed this fun view.

We arrived and entered the long halls of the multistory car park. I like multistory car parks, they have stories to tell but this one had been told to keep quiet. There was an excellent font on the walls letting me know the levels and whether or not to go up or down. I did not photograph this.

Outside in the seaside sun, I got out my ear muffs for warmth and debated whether to be on piste with sunglasses but February glasses with ear muffs just doesn't look good if not on actual piste.

Looking around and walking we suddenly spotted...

Quite honestly the best day of my life, which is what I say whenever I see a cat out and about. 

Moving on but never forgetting we looked at things like this;

After a pizza break we ventured further up into town. I saw some heads on a building and said 'look Dan, heads!' I didn't think anymore about them until two days later I found out how much I truly get on my own nerves as they were Elisabeth Frink’s Desert Quartet. I will see them again in two weeks as I have another Worthing mission trip planned to collect a picture from The Salvation Army shop that I should have bought when I saw it. It is big time and I think I will need a clipboard.

I liked the pier very much and all of the artworks and glass pieces. You can find out more about them here- and here-

I will be back for them heads and the picture with my cheque book and pen, and the boating lake and the woman with the brush and the cat and the font. Big business clipboard of reminders.