Two Hour Driving to Somewhere Else Day Trip- Eastney & Portchester.

After visiting the library, Dan and I decided to go to a beach. We arrived and parked and listened to the bloke next to us playing what I think was Dire Straits out of his window. It was dire. 

Walking on we saw boathouses and Sea Winds from Dartmouth. Sea Winds from Dartmouth was in trouble and was going to be removed. I would like to live on Sea Winds from Dartmouth and travel to Dartmouth in the sea wind.

Collecting bits of stuff on the way, I was convinced I had found a piece of Ambergris but it was just a grey shiny rock with a yellow bit on. My favourite new slipper limpet shells where everywhere and it looked like a mass slipper party had happened but nobody had told them to get back into the sea afterwards.

We walked back to drive on further and this time bloke in car had a bit of country on , it might have been Matt Monroe. We probably won't ever know as his speakers hummed.

Onwards to Portchester Castle

It was closed by the time we got there but it was still nice and sunny enough to complete a ring road walk.

As we walked, other peoples dogs joined us, I liked this aspect but I wished it was a flock of castle cats. 

We will go back in the summer and see it again and hopefully there will be castle cats. I would like this.

On the way home via the chippy for our tea, I saw this wonderful shop. I would like to go in there one day and eat my chips whilst trying out the latest hair fashions.