The Hulliday, Day 2, Afternoon about 3ish, Part 4.

Tiredness had struck us but we still had things on the Hulliday list to fulfil, like The Streetlife Museum and their exhibition about cats.

It was very nice in here with lots to see and it smelled nice and oily.

Thomas Sheppard- A very important man- Read HERE.

After 5 minutes of holidng the lever it decided I was modest. I took my hand off in the end.

The Fabulous Felines exhibition was great and it focused on the work of Violet Roberts who was a musical theatre performer and postcard artist in Hull. I liked that her postcards 'feature comic, fashionably dressed cats.' I had seen these postcards before but I never knew who they were by and now I do and so do you.

These post -its were very good and my favourites are awesome white cat, super fat cat, pussy bear and bam.

Amy Johnson - read HERE all about her and about A Moth for Amy that are dotted around Hull. We saw three and they were most exciting. You can download the moth map HERE.

Lovely stuff.

Saying goodbye, the outside hurt our eyes as the sun had come out. We wanted pizza.

Good frog, nice frog.

Next stop was The Hull and East Riding Museum.

This is Malcolm, we are going steady.

Mosaics, do you know what, they still astound me all these years later.

Mammoth. My dad found a mammoths tooth on the beach once.

By now we were failing at our list. We needed to eat, my feet needed corn plasters and we probably needed the toilet but we just weren't sure if we should. We consulted our oracle and found that we needed to be on the other side of town in a place called The Fruit Market....