Everyday- Garden Centre BBQ.

Last Sunday I visited the garden centre. There was a party going on there with a BBQ and a man playing a piano. Nobody was listening to him and the free food had all gone and I felt sad for him. He then suddenly upped the tempo and played a bit of Gilbert 'O Sullivan and then a few jazz versions of Riders on the Storm. I felt he knew what he was doing and with this I bought a tray of snap dragons to celebrate his defiance.

I finally got round to reading my Cafe Royal books, one about a carpet and one about St.Helens where I am from. I do so wish Toy and Hobby still existed.

I then sat down and read last months Modernist magazine. When I save up enough monies I will rejoin. I fear I will miss the Galt Toys Exhibition now due to zero pennies so if anybody has seen it, tell me everything you know and send me your leaflets and pamphlets and I pay you in packets of raisins I found at the back of the cupboard. You can read more about it HERE.

My Tadek Beutlich book came from eBay. There was an exhibition of his work in Brighton about two months ago and true to form I never made it but never mind. 

My mother-in-laws tongue gave birth to some new babies, but the strangest of all is what the main mother plant did.

She flowered and it smelled like bouncy balls. I do believe after wishing to myself about collecting more balls this year that I finally have a plant that will grow me an everlasting supply. It is very sticky but the flowers are lovely and I am sure 100 bouncy ball babies will form and arrive any day now.

Charity shop 50p guidance light of things Emma wants to do but will never end up doing.

I owe it to Peter to be the best etcher there is.

I received this beautiful book from Dan. I will treasure this forever.

When is a knitted toy not a knitted toy?

And last weeks post.