Daytrips- Arundel Castle.

Last Tuesday I turned 35 and Daniel turned 17. I told Daniel a week previous that I was going down south for a mini break to see our other Daniel. He wasn't impressed but I said to stay with granddad nice and off I went. The magic of the motorways treated me well and I had my packed lunch ham bap and pop at Warwick services. I saw lots of kids being shouted at by tired parents and a big fluffy dog doing a wee against its owners car. Simple things.

Upon arriving, Dan and I visited the pub for a rest and to eat. I saw this beauty in the ladies toilets and I was so overwhelmed, I wiped my hands on a paper towel so as not to disturb her.

Our itinerary was sporadic, which means we had ideas of where we were going but not entirely sure all at the same time. Monday came after a big sleep and we decided to visit a mystical place called Guildford. I found THIS video on YouTube, I got chuffed, I wanted to go to the shops! I wanted to dance through the shopping centres plastic trees and walk down the high street with my jumper over my shoulders.

I was aware that Guildford is a commuter town for London and I imagined bright lights and traffic and shops and burgers and bustle.

After an hour we had taken two pictures, couldn't find the plastic tree mall, got confused with the high street, didn't have a jumper for our shoulders and it started to rain. We returned home perplexed and ate a massive last day of being 34 pizza, rested and tried to process what we had seen.

Day two-Tuesday Birthday.

After a birthday overwhelming morning my, sorry, OUR special day was to be spent at Arundel Castle, looking at things, sniffing things, touching things and then deciding how I felt about them through the medium of how much my face had set.

There was no face set as look!

 And Butthead. 

And Butthead. 

Next time- we experience the greatest part of our birthday special day by meeting a cat in a greenhouse.