World Museum Tour- Solent Sky Museum, Southampton.

I like museums. I like odd ones, big ones, small ones, ones dedicated to cheese but most of all aeroplane ones. I am a plane spotter and have visited most of the air museums in the UK with my dad as a kid. I cried at Concorde's last flight into Manchester. I love loud engines and the smell of old planes. Now you know this about me I hope that we can still be friends but if not I made a whole load of new rubber and plastic ones in the Solent Sky museum in Southampton. 

Look here -

and here for more-

So many friends.

This is the inside of a Sandringham flying boat and our lovely guide let us go up the ladder and sit in the cockpit like pilots.  

There was filming going on when I went and I tiptoed round so as not to disturb but if you go HERE and HERE and HERE, you can see and read all about the museum, its exhibits and its history. Lovely stuff.