Daytrips- The Tatton Flower Show-Part 4- Dreams arranged neatly.

Round the back and up past the big tent, I came across the special mystery portal world  where dreams can soar or be shattered like a mouldy pumpkin. The long tables full of hope that have taken months and years of work all put out on their own to be judged and seen.

There is something very beautiful about fruits and vegetables arranged neatly. The dynamic of the carrots against the peas, the marrows set against the peppers. Some had gold medals some were highly commended. I never judged any of the fruits or vegetables as I loved them all the same. I liked the big onions very much and the very neat berry selection, the ruffled cabbages and extra long carrots. This is why I will never make the grade to be a judge of fruits and vegetables arranged neatly.