Collections- Shopping lists.

Summer and the school holidays usually brings lots of lists. You can find them strewn around the checkouts in temper, rushed shop and then shoved into the many piles of beans or one that I found rolled and shoved up into a garden gnome. Fancy times. NB- I like garden gnomes and yes I was buying one. The list was an extra treat.

x2 Duck breasts.

Breast or frozen?

Paxo x1

This was the rolled up inside the gnome list. It has a nice horse detail and specifies dog and cat food before human.

This is beautiful; milk and loaf for Ste, a hair magazine and 'tic tacts'


Blue tooth speaker and T Rolls.

Old lady. I don't think this is a shopping list. I am thinking it is a coded letter for an old lady gang, 'Come in small phoenix, frosted orange on the roof.... over?'