Everyday- Walking about in October.

October was quite nice really. I looked at a lot of stuff, went down south and even went to Basingstoke. It wasn’t as advertised but I will process and get back to you with my thoughts at some point.

Here is a nice shop sign I saw on the way back to the train from an earlier day spent in Stockport. I am still building up the brass to go in there and ask for that yellow box sign but I doubt it is ever going to be for sale. I would like a bit of hard cash for my old books and magazines. I have a couple of old copies of Prima and some knitting books so I may revisit and ask about the sign after all.


The peculiar world of Withy Grove Stores. This has been here for at least 1000 years and I remember walking down past it as a kid back to Victoria station and wondering what was in there and what it sold. However if you go HERE you can read all about the shop and find that it is very much alive and well.


On a walk down to the post office followed by a stop off at Morrisons, I took pictures of all the things I have wanted to take pictures of over the years but have been far too lazy to stop the car and get out to do so.


One of the oldest railway bridges in England. Once was part of the Runcorn Gap Railway. I saw a train go under it once when I was a kid and it papped its horn and I was very impressed. This bridge does however crop up in recurring dreams I sometimes have where there are lots of bridges all built upon each other with gardens attached. I think this could be too much Gardeners World on a Friday night. Go HERE to learn more about the railway, HERE to see the bridge in the olden days and HERE to see the bridge far away on some old pictures.


After searching for more than two hours, then falling down a YouTube hole I found other bridges with this name on. There were quite a few were I grew up and I think this one is the only one left with the sign still on it. Go HERE and HERE and HERE to see others. If you like that sort of thing. Also HERE and HERE. I feel I need to find all the ones that are left in person. I will make a detailed plan with my best pen.


Bin scenes with another one of my bridges.


I noticed that lots of plastic babies are starting to appear in the shops.


I went up around Glasson Dock for the day and saw some nice bits and pieces and checked that the canal boat in the distance was still up for sale. It is.