Books- Mersey Tunnel 1 and 2

The Mersey Tunnels, where would we be without them. On a recent trip to Ormskirk I picked these two books up in the charity shop and held them tight until I was far away enough to know that they were mine.

The first book is to commemorate the opening of the Queensway Tunnel on 18 July 1934 by King George V.

Often known as the Birkenhead Tunnel it was very exciting going through it as a kid. It is very windey and takes you all the way under the city before you even get under the river. HERE is a video of the opening of the tunnel. That is a very impressive curtain.

My granddad hated the tunnel and said it gave him migraines due to the cladding on the side. The best bit was always turning off on the way back from Birkenhead in the evening so that you came out onto the Strand and would see the Liver Buildings all lit up. I managed this last year and I was very pleased with myself that I had navigated the turning. 


Those lights are very impressive.


Go HERE and read all about the Queensway Tunnel and HERE to see all of two pictures I took a few years back when I was nosing about. 

The ventilation shafts are beautiful and are Grade II listed. 


Go HERE and you can see more pictures from both sides. The original monument on the Liverpool side has vanished but there is one still at the Birkenhead end. Go HERE and see. There is also good stuff on the Liverpool Museum website HERE showing more pictures and also an memorial to the workers HERE

I have also discovered that there is a tunnel tour and this is simply a dream come true, so obviously I will be going on that. 



Moving on we come to the second book that was hidden under the counter. I was offered it to go with my first book and I snatched it to my chest. The Kingsway Tunnel or Wallasey Tunnel was opened on the 24th June 1971.


Things had moved on from the building of the first tunnel and they had a star attraction called the Mole. Look HERE to see it in action.


Beautiful stuff and if you go HERE you can see more building pictures.


Go HERE and you can see the opening ceremony. Not such an impressive curtain as the first.


Go HERE and maybe have a small dance in your chair as you pretend to walk through the tunnel.


I like this very busy control room environment, everything is very neat and I bet that uniform is startched stiff.


If you go HERE you can see more things about the tunnels and HERE to see the best tunnel ventilation shafts you ever did see.

I love my tunnel books.