Everyday- In search of Camellia.

Camellia, their big flowers and shiny green foliage are my favourite thing to look for in early spring. I search for them and stand in front of them, picking up the fallen flowers and putting them into my pockets. Three weeks later I come across them again looking like shredded bits of brown paper.

I hang around garden centre camellia sections so that nobody else can look at them. I squirm at the price tags and collect more petals up off the floor for later.

I spot them in suburban gardens I pass and I look at them until usually I am spotted through a window and then I pretend to tie my shoe. I wish I was brassy enough to knock on these camellia minders doors and ask if I can take a photograph and touch them but I am not and saying the word 'touch' may offend. 


About two years ago I rescued a camellia that was very unwell for £5. We have been through a lot together and this year it finally sprouted buds. Problem is it got so cold in February and March that it went back to sleep and shut its eyes tight.  


I have amassed a small phone photo collection these past few weeks of various camellias I have met and I really do hope that mine opens soon.  


Go HERE to learn more camellia facts if you fancy and also HERE to visit the International Camellia Society website. Do you have a favourite spring flower?