Daytrips-The Deep-Hull.

Following on from Hull-The Return and after a peaceful nights sleep in Lenny's big beds, we dressed for breakfast. The call of the buffet was fast and furious and I decided I was going down to dine with wet hair as if I was in Spain or something.

This Mediterranean attitude was short lived as the buffet was closed and it was order by table. The dreams of the mini croissants smothered in the nectar from small packets of Nutella and five sausages stuffed into a bap for later started to wither. This is pure greed by anybody's standards but you have to be prepared for the mid morning hanger and I aim to always have a bap in my bag just in case.

We decided as we could see it out of the window to visit The Deep. I remember seeing it on the news when it was being built and when it opened. As we had risen so early and the buffet excitement had waned we wrapped up and prepared to be astounded.

As we approached we could hear shrieks and rumbling and realised that there was a large collection of school trips taking place. Further data fed to us through our eyes made us see three coaches outside and a sweaty cold feeling enveloped us. No matter we thought and we joined the queue.

Here is some information about The Deep.

'Open since 2002, The Deep operates as an education and conservation charity and in recent years has become an international player in marine conservation. Forging partnerships with key governing bodies, conservation organisations and other reputable zoos and aquariums we are working to make an impact in the protection of our oceans.

It is one of the most spectacular aquariums in the world, is located in Hull, East Yorkshire and is home to 3,500 fish including magnificent sharks and rays. The dramatic building, which overlooks the Humber estuary, was designed by world class architects, Sir Terry Farrell and Partners and opened in 2002 in, what was then, one of the most deprived and unfashionable cities in England.

In its first year The Deep welcomed over 850,000 visitors, making Hull’s new aquarium busier than London Zoo. This early success financed a £5 million extension in 2005, which included additional exhibition space, retail, catering and education areas.

As part of the regeneration of Hull The Deep has become an internationally recognised landmark and has even featured on a Royal Mail stamp! The building exploits the landscape on which it is built and was inspired by natural geological land formations. Gleaming glass and aluminium thrust into the dramatic landscape on the confluence of the two rivers marking the historic entry to Kingston upon Hull with a brand new future.

The Deep operates as an education/conservation charity and in recent years has become an international player in marine conservation. It is also the most commercially successful Millennium Project.' 1st August 2018.

West Dean Gardens-144.jpg
West Dean Gardens-146.jpg
West Dean Gardens-145.jpg

Unfortunately the penguins had eaten their dinner so there are no pictures of this wonderful event but there is a video HERE of the Gentoo penguins in action.

West Dean Gardens-148.jpg

Lovely golden hair.


Garden Eeels.


Moon Jellyfish.

West Dean Gardens-150.jpg
West Dean Gardens-149.jpg
West Dean Gardens-152.jpg

I liked the jellyfish wall very much even though my foot was stood on many times trying to see their insides.


The Leaf Cutter ants were very interesting and there is video of them HERE being strong.

West Dean Gardens-151.jpg
West Dean Gardens-147.jpg

Photo booth picture and skirt full of cat hair.


We paid £13.50 for a day plus pass which meant our tickets were valid for a whole year and we could visit again as many times as we liked. I liked it very much but as the website says if you want a quiet time don't go first thing in the morning or in the school holidays. 

You can learn more about The Deep HERE. Donate to them HERE and watch their You Tube channel HERE. The male seahorse giving birth is a right treat and meet Big Clive the puffer fish.