Everyday- Garden-July.

With September nearly here and the distant sound of rummaging for cardigans at the bottom of the wardrobe starts to become louder, I am looking back to warmer times. My frog pal made an appearance but he hasn't been seen since. I liked his stripes and mouth.

Garden 2018-8.jpg
Garden 2018-9.jpg
Garden 2018-11.jpg

Daniel guarding the new washing line and making sure everything is safe.

Garden 2018-12.jpg

The tomatoes did well this year but the remains have now turned to mush. I threw them by the fence for the slugs to eat.

Garden 2018-13.jpg
Garden 2018-14.jpg
Garden 2018-15.jpg
Garden 2018-16.jpg
Garden 2018-17.jpg

Viscous teasels. The sparrows like them but they don't like skin or people.

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Garden 2018-19.jpg
Garden 2018-20.jpg
Garden 2018-21.jpg

Sweetcorn children.

Garden 2018.jpg
Garden 2018-2.jpg
Garden 2018-3.jpg

The smell of buddleia is wonderful and I have blown my nose a few times to discover bits of them in my tissue. I shove my whole nose in for maximum scent.

Garden 2018-4.jpg
Garden 2018-5.jpg
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