World Museum Tour- The Hull People’s Memorial.

A lovely little treat found on Whitefriargate is the Hull People’s Memorial. With two parts attached including a gift shop, community base and information point and the other side being the museum. From Visit Hull and East Yorkshire;

'Small Military Museum focusing on WWI, WWII and the bombing of Hull in both wars. Home to collections, hands-on weapons and munitions. Home of the Hull Trench.'

This sign on the way in told Sarahj and I everything we needed to know and with our suitcases and bags in tow we headed underground.

Hull Peoples Museum-19.jpg
Hull Peoples Museum-10.jpg
Hull Peoples Museum.jpg

First thoughts; There are LOADS of things to see. If you like military based things then it is for you and as I have grown up going to aircraft museums it is perfect.

Hull Peoples Museum-11.jpg
Hull Peoples Museum-2.jpg
Hull Peoples Museum-3.jpg
Hull Peoples Museum-4.jpg
Hull Peoples Museum-5.jpg

Gruesome but good.

Hull Peoples Museum-13.jpg
Hull Peoples Museum-14.jpg

Wonderful. We liked this hand the best.

Hull Peoples Museum-15.jpg
Hull Peoples Museum-6.jpg
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Hull Peoples Museum-16.jpg
Hull Peoples Museum-17.jpg
Hull Peoples Museum-18.jpg

I would have loved to splash a bit of Pleasure Cruise on beofre a night out.

Hull Peoples Museum-12.jpg
Hull Peoples Museum-20.jpg
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Hull Peoples Museum-21.jpg

The museum is great with lovely staff who are very knowledgeable and helpful. All the exhibits are good and well put together and it is a right gem to go and see. There is also an upstairs but with suitcases and a train to catch we had to make a move. We donated all of our change into the box and said our goodbyes. You can learn more about the memorial HERE and HERE.