Quite a bit of post this week both incoming and outgoing. Here are some envelopes with girls looking at feathers on.


I made these two pieces for IUOMA letters. I am unsure what they mean but everybody seems to be having a good time.

Letterloves mailart-12.jpg
Letterloves mailart-6.jpg

A rabbit and a man with giant cabbages.


Beautiful mail art envelope from Richard in France, with equally lovely calligraphy Emma’s.

Letterloves mailart.jpg
Letterloves mailart-2.jpg

Incoming IUOMA post from Ruth.

Letterloves mailart-9.jpg
Letterloves mailart-3.jpg
Letterloves mailart-4.jpg

A WHSmith bag from Lina. I have wanted one of these for a very long time and she provided. I will put all of my letters inside to take to the post office and pretend it is 1988 always

Letterloves mailart-5.jpg

More excellent IUOMA post from Anna, plus sea washed pottery which I held tight. They are already on the special sea pottery shelf.

Letterloves mailart-7.jpg
Letterloves mailart-8.jpg
Letterloves mailart-11.jpg