Buttercup Syrup is Special.

Since early Saturday morning I have had a cough. I ignored it. On Saturday night I had a cough and a snotty nose, I ignored it. Sunday morning it had gone and I was pleased. 

However on Monday morning I couldn't feel my throat and had a one nostril runny nose. I bought some Buttercup syrup (three bottles of) and today I have been comfortably drinking it whilst speaking like a man and eating ham baps and tangerines. 

Man voice aside, it is snowing ever so slightly out now but I am done with winter and have got my jelly shoes out in hope that we will get a hot spell. 

Without speaking, here is a card from Anu with inside trinkets.

Lovely posts from Carrie which included a nice face on a lady, a Lazy Oaf TV planner and a Hannah Zakari zine which is very special.

Please excuse me, I must go and sneeze and have some more special syrup before bed.